Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Journey

I never knew my heart could beat so fast in such an unromantic way.

I have heard the expression about your heart wanting to explode, yet never before today have I ever felt it. How can my body still work in this state?

One foot struggled to move in front of the other. Clumsily, my body moved itself forward. The Titans from Shingeki no Kyojin would have been proud of my walk.

My clothes clung to my body. My head pounded mercilessly. I clutched my heart as though that alone could have helped it calm down. I looked around but could not see any streams of water to drink from. My own bottle was already empty, I have had the last few drops of water.

My mouth parted on its own accord and a wordless gasp escaped it. I bent down and hugged my knees. Sweat clouded my vision as they rolled down merrily across my forehead and dripped to the ground.

This must be what defeat felt like in your bones. I stared at the hard earth beneath me, a few scraggly patches of yellowed grass here and there, dirt paths leading up to the top of this huge mountain.

I raised my head up. The giant glaring orb that we call the sun was happily shining its unhelpful rays down on me. I shielded my eyes from the brightness. Why couldn't we all have our own personal tiny clouds like Olaf from Frozen?

I wished I could have at least said goodbye to my cat. I wondered what would happen to her, all alone in the apartment. Who would look after her if I can't make it back?

Tears formed in my eyes. This is so pathetic. I had a somewhat bright future! I had dreams! It seems utterly depressing for it all to end here, in this dry barren land.

"This is my life now," I wailed. "I have climbed this hill and now I will die upon it!"

My friend groaned from behind me. She handed me her water bottle.

"Will you shut up? We've only been hiking for ten minutes!"

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