Saturday, 2 December 2017

Rainy Day Joys

One drop,
Two drops,
Three drops,
I rush to the window to see the rain pour.

Five drops,
Six drops,
Seven drops
A wrapper left in my bag of the ice cream I ate.

A drop here,
A drop there,
Rain splatters on
School windows.
In ones and twos, they all trail down in tidy neat rows.

Nine drops,
Ten drops,
Eleven drops,
A puddle needs a paper boat, and there I let it dwell.

Fifteen more
One foot, then another. In the rain I hop.

One step,
Two steps,
Three steps,
I stop.
Children play, in the park. I’m tempted, so in I drop.

Run, Run.
Run, fast.
Run to catch
The ball.
Its right there, I kick it fair. Oops, in the mud I fall.

Eighteen drops
And more.
It’s been a while. I’ve lost count. No more score.

Muddy shirt,
Muddy shoe,
Muddy hair,
This will take so much scrubbing, ugh. I say, boo.

Bus stops,
All wet.
As are my clothes. Mummy will reproach me, I bet.

Alley way,
Dark. Hey!
Is that a small
I can’t let it be here, it will be unhappy!

Arms crossed.
Brows crossed.
Mummy crossed.
Oh dear.
I’m afraid that puppy and I will both hear it loud and clear.

Home, warm.
Food, warm.
Puppy, warm,
And me.
A rainy day will come again. I can’t wait for it to be!

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