Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Piece of Heaven

As I sit awake,
this late into the night,
the world outside, encompassed in shadows
with mighty winds that bite
into the trees, the leaves, the bark.
it is dark.
My nostalgic mind creeps its way
down the memory lane
and thinks back on those days
The sun was bright,
the breeze was mild,
and all around us, the land
lay wild
and free, with nothing but
the sky
and the mountains
so high!
Such beauty abounds,
such greenery around,
And the gurgling water flowing down the lakes,
makes what an astounding sound!
Like a lullaby, it is enough
to make one fall asleep,
and drift towards the land
of dreams so deep.
The animals that I viewed,
not shuttered in a cage
of a zoo, but roaming
free, as I gaze
at them with eyes
full of wonder.
Hark! What lies,
beyond yonder?
Where the peaks of the mountains
meet the sky hanging low,
I watch as the birds
fly high. How
I wish I had wings to fly
and never touch the ground.
Oh what joy!
It makes my heart pound!
It makes me long
to visit again,
that magnificent place,
a small piece of heaven.

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