Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Moving Chronicles

I am not a big fan of moving. Which is probably why in the past couple of years I moved around 7 times (approximately). As a matter of fact, If I think back, I think the longest I stayed at a house was for 8 years.

Moving is hard. You leave behind the memories. You pack stuff. You have to make sure none of it breaks and/or gets damaged. You have to leave things behind, or throw them away. That's a hard decision to make!

You also have to get used to a new place. New ways to open doors. The old door to your room opened to the right, now it opens to the left. The view outside the window is different. The orientation is different and you have to rearrange your furnitures. Maybe the bed that fit in nicely before does not align properly with the right wall. Maybe before you took stairs, now it's about taking elevators (ok, THAT, I am not unhappy with).

All I am saying is, every time I move, I keep thinking about when, one day, someday, I will have a place where I will settle down nice and cozy, and stay for at least eight more years (to match my current record). I am not the "moving" type. I like my place.

Then again, isn't it said that home is where the heart is? Like the time when we moved to that place with the big lawn, and my mom's eyes lit up at the sign of the huge mango tree in the backyard. Or the time when, only two years later, we moved to house with the lake right beside it, and I knew that my dad loved having that view. Or our house in Ottawa, ON, where my sister finally got her own room (we've been sharing rooms for almost 15 years, since she was a kid). The look of pure joy on her face when she found out she could have the nicest windows in the house, was worth having her away from me, just a few steps down the hall. My personal favourite was the two story terrace home, our first house in Canada. The bus stop was literally 20 seconds away from our front door. Literally! Do you know how amazing that was in winter? Those who don't have never experienced Canadian winter.

Then of course, came the time of living in our cozy little apartment in Calgary. My husband and I officially began living together from Valentine's day, more than a month after we got married. I didn't know there could be so much happiness just from selecting the right painting for the bare walls, or deciding which souvenier to get to adorn the shelves, or which magnet to pick for our fridge.

I guess, in the end, a house is not a home until your heart is in there. And if you are like me, your heart remains where your families are. I am lucky, for my family is spread across the world. It's worth knowing so, because it means I will always have a home, somewhere.

For now though, it is mainly in Edmonton, AB. Come visit. Coffee's on me.


  1. Loved reading it dear Sis! You took me to my moving adventures! These two following quotes that I always remembered during those moving days!
    "Happiness doesn't have JUST ONE address" and also "a comfort zone is a beautiful place but remember nothing grows there!" Explore the city and waiting to hear from you soon again!

  2. Loved it, Baw! Such a wonderful piece of writing! May you find your home in the new city!

  3. Words in your writing are alive! Each word potraying emotions and it is always a joy reading your blogs!