Friday, 17 February 2017

Book Review: Strange Matters by Bret Allen

Book Review: Strange Matters
Author: Bret Allen
Rating: 4/5

Bret Allen

Strange Matters, written by Bret Allen, is a collection of short stories and poems. They are based on magic, myth and fantasy. The author does a great job blending all these elements together to create a mystical tapestry of wonders. Strange Matters is Bret Allen’s first self-published collection of short stories.

My favorites by far include Torc, Rattus and They Found Him Weeping, as well as the poem Thornback. There are hints of dark elements to some of the stories, but they just add flavors to the already beautiful plotlines. There is something almost poetic about the way the author has written the stories.

What I liked most about these stories are that they are everyday tales, but with the added element of magic makes them become something extraordinary. For example, the first short story of the book, called Wordsmith, starts with Kate, a programmer who had just finished her work for the day. She hopes to reach home without any incident but on her way home she comes across a youth who seems to be in trouble. The trouble becomes a bizarre event as they are attacked by animals that Kate had never thought of seeing in the London cityscape.

Rattus was another story that took me completely by surprise. The story talks about issues such as change, status quo and working together towards the good of the society, except I would never have expected such serious topics to be discussed from the point of view of rats! The lifestyle of this clan of critters totally engrossed me as the protagonist, Fortuna, leaves behind her shyness and learns to accept her fate, as well as her role in the future of her colony. Out of all the stories in “Strange Matters”, this one is most definitely my favorite.

I’d sincerely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in short stories, and fictional pieces that are somewhere between this world and another. I for one, genuinely loved reading them.

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