Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Devil Needed a Favor - pt. 2

I stared at the sign. All I could think was that how unbelievable this whole situation is. What need would the Devil have for this place?
“A gym?” I stammered. Of all places, the Devil needed a favor from me that involved the gym?
Wait, why would he need a gym in the first place?

The devil shrugged nonchalantly.
I took a close look at him. He was covered from head to toe in layers of black clothes, but he definitely did not look to be shape.
Then I remembered my own bulgy waist and decided not to comment.
“So, what do you need help with so bad that you are returning my soul?” I asked as we walked towards the gym.
The Devil gave a nervous laugh. “I, uh, accidentally became a gym member,” he said.
The Devil is a gym member. I tried not to think too hard about that, although I knew the thought would come back to haunt me in my bored moments, and echo through my head.
“So what seems to be the problems? Not enjoying it?” I asked him.
He shook his head. I found it marvelous that he could actually bring out an expression of distress and annoyance. I didn’t know he was capable of showing emotion.
“I didn’t want to become a member. While on my way to collect another soul, I met a group of reps from the gym. They were trying to recruit more people. They were so preppy, and they smiled at me, and,” he paused.
Skepticism was at the height of all that I felt at that moment. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for the rest of his story.
Sensing that I was not in the mood for dramatic effects, he carried on his tale in that raspy voice of his.
“I just like them smiling at me. It made feel… less lonely.”
His last line caught me totally off guard.
“Less lonely?” I echoed. I never realized that even the Devil could be capable of feeling alone.
His shoulders slumped in misery. He told me that that moment of slight joy made him get a membership.
Unfortunately, he was not a gym-going-type person, and he also was being unable to cancel his membership.
“Why are you unable to cancel? You are the Devil!”
“I know, I know,” he wailed, “but every time I go to cancel the lady at the reception gives me such a sad, doe-eyed look, that I can’t say ‘no’ anymore!”
My eyes widened. Here was a being who takes people’s souls for a living, and he couldn’t say no to some girl?
Now I understood why he needed me. He wants me to help him cancel gym membership.
I let that go through my head once more.
I am helping the Devil cancel his gym membership.
Can this day get any weirder?
“I can’t believe you actually returned my soul for such a trivial problem. Not that I am complaining about the soul part,” I said.
“Considering you sold your soul to me to save your cat, are you really in a position to lecture me on minor problems?”
“Touche, Mr. Devil.”
Thankfully for the Devil, I was impervious to the receptionist’s pleas. The membership got canceled in no time.
“Thank you,” he said. I noticed that it was not as raspy as before.
I still remembered what he had told me before, about how the smiling representatives from the gym made him feel less lonely. The guy did look miserable.
I suddenly had an idea. It was the least I could do. Besides, you never know, staying on the Devil’s good side was bound to come with benefits.
Two hours later, Mr. Devil was happily purring along with his new black kitten.
He thanked me again, in a quiet voice. Though his face didn’t show it, somehow I felt that he seemed happier than I remembered him.
We parted ways not too long after visiting the pet shop.
It was a weird day.
- - - - -
A couple weeks later, as I was settling down to sleep with Mr. Shooples beside me, someone knocked on my window.
It was impossible for someone to knock on my window. I lived on the third floor of an apartment.
I grabbed a book from nearby to use as a weapon. Slowly I opened the window.
The Devil was standing outside, floating in mid-air. He was holding a box of cupcakes in his hand.
“I, uh, need another favor,” he said nervously. “My cat ran away.”

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