Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Finding Mickey: A Beginner's Guide

Believe me, this is one post you would want to read!

A week ago or so, I went to an event organized by Creative Edge, a company that publicizes on behalf of authors. There were 10 authors present, and it was lovely to meet them and listen to their readings of their books. I was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of promoting and selling my own book, since I had no previous knowledge in this regard. I thought spending an evening with some local Calgarian authors would help me understand and navigate my future roads better.

When I reached there, it was Adam Dreece's turn to take the stage. After he was done, there was M.R. Darling, J.J. Reichenbach, Neil Enock, A.J Kirkham and may more.

During the break, while Hazel Grey provided beautiful music and kept the entertainment level high, I decided to stop lurking behind my notebook and mingle with everyone. As an introvert, it is generally usual for me to tiptoe around in events like these. But everyone was so warm and welcoming that I felt less self conscious. I went and introduced myself to J.J., who is such an adorable person! The moment she heard I am a new author, she didn't waste a minute to introduce me to her publicist, and my future new friend and publicist, Mickey Mikkelson.

Now here comes the fun part: guess where he lives?

As we conversed with each other a couple days later, Mickey asked me which area in Calgary I live in. Turns out, we live in the same apartment building, just two floors apart! Talk about coincidence! Now that is a story to tell. I mean, just imagine, someone asks: "Wow, you got a publicist! How?"
Me: "Oh, I just went two floors up and knocked on the door. No biggie."

Can't wait to make it go viral.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how I landed an amazing publicist. My first meeting with Mickey went really well. He understands what the author wants, and has resources that are extremely useful, especially for someone starting out new on the publishing track. He is detailed and clear, he lets you know exactly what he wants, and what he can deliver. Talking with him felt easy, and he is knowledgeable and helpful. I am delighted to announce our new collaboration. Here's hoping to a wonderful future.

Anyone wishing to contact Creative Edge can find them on Facebook through here.

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