Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Beautiful Aftermath

It has been a humbling yet exciting experience.

The past few months had been about editing, re-editing, checking spelling mistakes, lots of emails back and forth with Black Rose Writing, my publisher, and myself. Then there were decision making about the cover, looking over the inside design of the book, making sure I have thanked everyone properly, and that my dedication my perfectly written. My poor beloved husband made sure I was fed properly during this time, and that I hadn't gone insane from all the pressure and nervousness.

The time went by quickly, and soon realization dawned on me on the night of Oct. 5th that, this was it! The day that I had dreamed of, for so long, was there.

The love and support from everyone had been gracious and amazing. I woke up to receive words of encouragement, support, good wishes and promises of buying my book. Old school friends that I hadn't spoken with in a while, all writing to let me know that they were going to order the book and how happy they were with this accomplishment. It nearly drove me to tears!

My big family of relatives had been hugely supportive once they heard the big news, and it made me so, so happy! It felt great to hear them admiring my accomplishment so generously.

My parents, who had pre-ordered my book, had by now finished reading it. They kept sending me messages every other moment, telling me of certain parts they liked, or felt sad with, and how much they enjoyed reading the book. I was extremely satisfied to hear their reviews on it.

I still have a little difficulty believing this is happening to me, that I have actually managed to do this. Anytime I see my book online in Amazon, or in the Barnes&Nobel website, or in the Indigo bookstore's webpage, I have to remind myself that this isn't a hallucination, that this book, MY book, actually exists now, in real time, in these bookstores. As I write this post, the Canadian bookstores have yet to receive physical copies of my book, and I long for the day when they will. Although I am not sure if I will be able to hold back my tears when I see my book in their bookshelf for the first time.

Please subscribe to my blog using the space provided for it. There will be more news coming. I will be taking part in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, which takes place during the entire month of November, which also happens to be my birth month. It will be a pleasure to talk with other authors and meet up with them. I'm also hoping that during this month I will make progress on, and hopefully finish my next book, the contents of which will remain a secret for now. But keep checking back in case I spill something secretive!

Happy reading, my beautiful fans! Keep a weather eye on the horizon.


  1. Loved reading your thoughts. This is a huge accomplishment, we're so proud of you. Waiting eagerly for Shelly's next voyage soon, In Shaa Allah!

  2. Waiting to receive mine! Wait for the comments sis! This is indeed a great accomplishment! Love and hugs!
    Shumi apu