Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Captain Shelly Manhar is ready to set sail!

(Keep reading for an excerpt from my latest book!)

A dream that I had for a long time is getting fulfilled soon, hopefully. I'm working hard on it, and with the help of Black Rose Writing publishers, I'll be reaching the end of the tunnel soon. I know that wonderful things lay ahead on this journey, and I am thankful to the Lord for bringing this day to me.

Writing is never an easy task, and especially for a newbie such as myself, its an even bigger world than I could have ever imagined. Without persistence, hard work and the will to never give up, I couldn't have done it. I always told myself to move forward, just a little bit, to see what the next corner brings. Thanks to Allah, today I am reaping the rewards for not quitting at this journey of becoming a published author.

Writing is my way of coping with difficulties in my life. Anytime I am frustrated, or upset, or felt like the future is starting to look bleak, writing helped my to calm down. The first character that I started writing with seriously, is named Shelly. When I began her journey almost 10 years ago, I had no idea what the future held for her, except that writing her story brought me immense joy. At one point, I wanted to share that joy with the whole world. That day is approaching soon, I hope. I can't wait to introduce her to the world.

There will be some over-hauling done on my blog, to make it more up-to-date with the recent changes happening in my life as an author. Stay tuned everyone. Moreover, I will finally try to continue and finish my serialized Bangla story that I had been writing on this blog. Don't miss the adventures of Deya, Bohnni, Mrittika and Bonna! (I promise to continue writing about them as soon as possible.) There will be more stories coming soon!

Thank you for being such lovely people and being by my side throughout this journey.

Also, here's a the book cover and an excerpt from my upcoming book:
Shelly Manhar
“Ready those cannons,” she ordered, as she steered her ship. “Prepare to fire broadside!”
Lavender had turned around completely by that time and was already facing the Untamed. The former kept getting closer to Shelly’s ship. Shelly did not wait any longer. As soon as Untamed got close enough to them, she fired openly.
All the cannons aboard the Untamed blazed at once. The cannon balls shot out at a great speed and crashed into the side of the enemy ship. Not to be outdone, Lavender fired back towards Untamed.
Red and Jim reloaded the cannons again. Gary and Wriss helped. On the main deck, Roy was doing target practice with his pistol. Larry, not wishing to be left out, brought out his sling shot. Smoke was everywhere.
The men on Lavender also brought out their firearms.
“Get down!” Shelly yelled over all the noise as she dived.
Everyone else followed her suit as a rain of bullets went over them. Splinters of wood from the masts dropped down on them like pellets. “Argh!” Shelly raged, “they are going to pay for wrecking my ship!”
“But didn’t we attack them first?” Jim asked.
“That’s our right as pirates,” Shelly replied.

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