Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Graduation and Post-Graduation Calgary Trip

It has been a long time since my fingers flew over the keyboard to compose a post for my blog. Much has happened in the mean time.

For starters, I have finished school! And by school I mean university. I have finally and officially finished the chapter of student life. And it will remain so, I believe, until the day I begin to pursue my Master's Degree (which is NOT happening anytime soon; I am too tired of studying at the moment). And because I had to put school in front of everything, I didn't have time to write. Not that I was happy about it, but I had to prioritize my issues, and well... I wanted to be done with school.

The day I always dreamed of arrived too soon: the evening of my graduation ceremony. I think the officials thought that as Engineering Students are most accustomed to staying up late solving weird problems (which was pretty much what we did for the last couple of years), it should be better to give us the evening ceremony, which finished quite late. I don't want to point fingers at anyone, but if EVERY. MASTER'S. STUDENT did not stop to take a selfie with the President Alan Rock, the ceremony would have definitely been finished quite a bit earlier. But I did get to take pictures with my fellow prisoners, uh, I mean, students.

But it was a day I will remember always. As I looked into the mirror that day, I felt proud: despite all the hurdles, I have finally made it. Alhamdulillah(Arabic for: Praise to Allah), Allah had been most merciful indeed. Without his help I would not have the courage or the will to pass the last few months at school.

Once that was over with, I put my attention to another concern which needed my immediate attention: finish playing Assassin's Creed 2. Me and my sister are at present hooked to this game. It's so much fun to walk through the streets of Damascus in 1100's and climb roofs of houses in Florence in 1700's. But let me just curb my enthusiasm about the game for a bit, before I get carried away and talk about Venice and Jerusalem and New Orleans and how Aveline is so awesome and I love the Bayou music and..... I'll shut up.

One more significant occasion took place around this time, and its really special to me. I went to visit my friend in Calgary BY MYSELF! :D

Let me clarify for those who are raising their brows. I have never been anywhere by myself. All the trips I had taken where always with family. But after my graduation was over, I had this wish of going to visit a new place just by myself. So when I found the chance, I took it. Planning everything by myself, travelling, staying there without family, it was fun! To be honest, I did miss them terribly, especially my sister (on my fourth day in Calgary, I realized that had been the longest I have spent without hugging her). But it also felt sweet and I relished every moment of my freedom.

The trip itself was awesome. My friend Prama and her older sister Proteeti took me around all the places. Calgary is an awesome place. I visited Prama's university, the downtown area and the Calgary tower. Thanks to Facebook and Skype and Viber, talking and keeping in touch with old friends is not a problem. But just being there, watching FRIENDS together, spending time by being near each other physically, was memorable, because we don't get to do that very often nowadays. I hope pretty soon I can do the same with all my other buddies (I'm gonna need my private plane pretty soon, because my friends are all spreading out over the world).

Towards the end, they took my to Banff. Those who haven't been there, I just want to tell you: Banff is breathtaking. Each scene is more beautiful than the other. I went to Lake Louise, Lake Morinne, Lake Minnewonka and Two Jack Lake, and went to the Bow Falls.

I am struggling to find the right words to describe them, but I shall try. Lake Louise comes out all of a sudden in front of you like a big opening in the land, with nothing but the sky overhead and the mountains in front with glaciers. Lake Morinne is more quiet, and slightly gloomy, and therein lies it beauty. Lake Minnewonka will probably be my favorite, with its distant shores and the gentle lapping sound of waves. It almost looks like a setting for one of those pirate movies where the ship can be seen gliding slowly forward from the faraway bend created by the mountains. And Two Jack Lake is just... green. Green trees and blue waters, that's how I seem to remember it. Bow Falls is not too big, but I can just sit there and watch the rush of the waters all day long.

I don't think I did them enough justice, but I am just a simple writer whose vocabulary has gone rusty afters a year's break from writing.

And after all the excitement, here I am back again in my little old Ottawa, ready to spend the life of a recent graduate, starting with job hunting (ugh, how exciting). Which reminds me, I should probably go look at some job posts now. Adios!

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  1. Great description, Arshie. Enjoy your freedom, it's well deserved.