Thursday, 24 October 2013


Why doth you not speak to me, sweet friend?

Are my words falling on ears that hath turned deaf to my voice?

Is thou not pleased at the sight of the letters which adorn this letter?
Have I displeased you in a manner which is ill-befitting of one who's of thy stature?
'Tis a sorry day, sorry indeed
When friends sweet as the flowers in the meadow turn cold as water from mountain stream
And turns back unto friends, as if they hath not met ever in this lifetime, nor ever in any other
I shall remain in this corner, until the darkness swallows me,
While forever waiting for thy light, coming to guide me away from this darkened tunnel

[Was watching the Hollow Crown, from whence came my inspiration. I know there remains a plethora of grammatical mistakes, but please forgive me. This was an innocent attempt on my part to try something new]

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