Monday, 22 July 2013

Ebb and Flow

It was a game that they played,
A dance that they danced,
Though where it began, and where it ended,
They had not but a clue.

She was naive to think so,
He was clever to do not,

She thought she possessed the strength,
But still swayed at the pull.

His was a different world,
But one that still needed a toy,
Boredom set his eyes on her,
She became his to rule.

The incessant ramblings,
The pointless debates,
Unbeknownst, would bring them closer
But when to pull apart, they knew.

'Tis a dangerous game they played,
'Tis a dangerous dance they danced,
Threatening to engulf their sanity
But quit, they did not do.

It felt good now,
It felt thrilling somehow,
Yet both sensed it was time,
To hang up, and be mum,
The game was up,
The dance was over,
It was the hour
                      to go.

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