Thursday, 16 May 2013

All work and no play

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

A lot of things make the squeaking sound. But this particular one is coming from a black marker pen being used on me. Ah, I should have introduced myself sooner. Nice to meet you. I am a whiteboard.

My owner is just jotting down another week's worth of work load on me. I feel very important as she scribbles down line after line of weekly chores. Silently, I watch as she carefully writes, a little frown on her face, the corner of her mouth bitten down by her lower teeth.

Finishing homework is always her first priority, and there seems to be an endless amount of them all the time. Its like there's a black hole of homework existing somewhere, except instead of sucking something in, it spews out new ones for all the students all the time. Every day a new one is supposed to be submitted. Every week, a new set appears. There's a light black smear on the area left for the "homework to do" section of the board, as it always being written in and then rubbed off. An endless, joyless cycle.

And not just homework! Projects, group meetings, report submission - each follow the other like soldiers marching in a line, head bowed down, arms ready. It makes me tired, just to carry all the words on my body, and I don't even have to do these beastly chores! For the hundredth time I wonder how she carries through it all without screaming even once.

My owner blows a strand of hair away from her face as she caps the marker. She is finished writing. I search throughout my body, but I don't see a single recreational activity in sight. I look at her. Her shoulder is already sagging as we both look at the daily schedule. Its right in the middle of school year, I guess she wasn't expecting anything else. Her eyes look tired and sad. I know if she could, she would scream out loud, but I suppose she doesn't have the energy.

Still, I can sense the determination in her. She purses her lips and takes a short breath. We both look at each other and we know: she can do this.

She pulls her hair back into a pony tail and starts digging through her mountainous heap of assignments. Time to work.

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