Thursday, 3 January 2013

"Insert Title Here"

For lack of a proper word, I leave the name of the title open to everyone. You can enter whatever word you wish to enter, and leave it at that.

Anyway, Hellos!!! That was an extremely long hiatus that I took from writing, and my only usable excuse is: school.

The late Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed wrote in one of his books that: "We waste the most precious time of our lives by studying." I cannot help but agree with him.

But on the positive side, my good friend Max Housany told me that sometimes breaks are necessary when writing, and I'm beginning to feel that his words were wise enough as well. Because of the long gap, I am itching to write again with a fresh start.

Now that the holidays are over, life is slowly moving back again to its daily monotonous routine. But I won't deny, the last few days were really enjoyable for me. We welcomed another new year, and one of my beloved cousins got married right after Christmas! I am so happy for her! We got to welcome another new member (my newest brother-in-law) in our already large family.

Well, all I can say now is that I will pick up my laptop a bit more often to write, and will start pursuing agents again with refreshed enthusiasm for my book that I someday hope to publish.

Here's me wishing everyone a very happy new year! May 2013 bring all kinds of fortune and good luck to you all. Peace!

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