Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Random Thoughts

The sunlight glared down on me like an angry schoolteacher.
And, like an ashamed pupil, who was caught in the act of causing mischief, I kept my glance downwards.
I had no sunglasses. So I walked with my head bowed down, squinting at the grey cement sidewalk.
My brows seemed permanently stitched together in a furrow, such was my attempt to escape the sun's hatred.

I notice the grey shadow following me.
It seemed as tired as I am.
A light breeze blows around me. It feels cool. But every moment it stops flowing, I am reminded again of the unforgiving heat and sunlight.
I don't know how long I am walking. My cotton plaid shirt clings to my skin.
I see some kids run past me. Where the get the energy to do so, I don't know. Perhaps they try to tell me that they are young while alas, I am older.
I stop for a while, gathering my breath and my wits, and then resume walking again, with the sun beating on my back.
It glares down on me, like an angry schoolteacher.

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  1. উপমা অথবা তুলনা গুলো বেশ অদ্ভুত ভালো লাগা তৈরী করে যাচ্ছে প্রায় সব লিখাতেই।
    (বাংলায় লিখতে হলো, কারন 'উপমা' শব্দটার উচ্চারণ যতটুকু সুন্দর, এর ইংরেজী প্রতিশব্দটার উচ্চারণ অতো ভালো লাগে না।)