Thursday, 19 July 2012


'Ah, those were the days. A pad was something to write on, a pod was full of peas, apples and blackberries were known to be just fruits and yahoo was something you said when you were excited.
And I, I was the pinnacle of every musician's career! For I, am the mighty CASSETTE!
I was honoured, revered and looked upon with awe. I was collected, and that collection was shown off with great pride to jealous onlookers. I was dusted regularly, lovingly wiped and carefully placed in shelves. Why, back in the day-'

Cassette stopped talking. His youngest grandchild, Blu-Ray, had fallen asleep in front of the fireplace on the soft carpet. His other grandchild, DVD was rubbing his eyes, clearly ready for a good night's rest.
Cassette smiled. 'Story time is over kids,' he said. His daughter, CD, came to collect the kids. Cassette watched her speaking softly to her children. She picked up BluRay and took DVD's hand, leading them away from the room. Cassette watched her go, a look of pride in his eyes.
He walked over to the fireplace. A big picture hung over the mantlepiece. It was a portrait of Cassette's grandfather. He smiled up to the picture.
'I miss you grandpa,' he said, 'I wish you were here to see my grandchildren. You would have loved them. They look just like you, well, almost.'
The portrait of his grandfather, Vinyl Record, seemed to smile back at him.

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  1. aww...this is amaaazing!! but i was kinda disappointed that only one of those five was a woman. please tell me Blu-Ray is a girl! and...isn't Vinyl Record supposed to be Cassette's father? :-s