Friday, 13 July 2012


I don't remember how old I was, but I distinctly remember how it started.

I was reading an Archie comic, and it was a story about Betty. All the students had to choose an instrument for their music class. The other students all chose instruments like guitar, drums, keyboard; instruments that were commonly used in rock bands. But Betty chose to play the cello.

When a famous rock band comes to their school to look for a new player, everyone auditioned. The members of the group were impressed by all of them, but in the end they opted to choose Betty and her cello instead of the others. The last panel in that comic showed Betty writing her diary. The last words were: 'Dear diary, sometimes it PAYS to be different.'

That was a long time ago, and you have to understand something, I was very young, and infinitely more naive than I am now. Somehow, that last phrase, that last entry in Betty's diary got stuck in my head, and stayed there. I wanted to be different.

As a kid, I took this as a challenge. I looked at it like a wonderful opportunity. The term 'being different' became special to me. It was like a proud battle scar that a soldier would show off to remind everyone about his bravery. I reveled in it.

As I grew, to my joy, I found many more like me. I felt complete.

Now I legally, officially and universally regarded as an adult. And I wish I hadn't tried so hard to be different.

It's hard being different. It's tough to swim against the currents. One becomes tired, unstimulated. One starts losing faith. Now, not a day goes by that I don't question myself about my childish tenacity to become different. Ultimately, has it done my any good?

Being different seems to be directly proportional to being misunderstood. When the world goes one way and you go another, things are bound to get ugly, right?

The night drags on as I write, but my question remains unanswered. Sleep well, Earth.


  1. you don't need to try hard to be different .....everyone is different and special in his/her own way....don't run for your unanswered day you will know how much special or different you really are :-)

    1. i second ohee's notion! and buddy, i must say, though it'll sound harsh, that 'trying' to be different is stupid. like ohee said, everyone is different. most people just hide it in fear of the world. all you do is let it flourish, and when the world has a problem with it, stand up and say, "No one asked your opinion you filthy little mudblood!" just don't say mudblood. it's a bad word :-|

  2. Arshie,

    Ever since you were a child, I've always tried to make you feel 'special' in my own way. Why do you have to TRY to become different. We are all different in owr own ways, and all of us are SPECIAL to someone. I am special to you and Shayeri, ain't I? That gives me strength to carry on with and be happy in life. You know something? There are thousands of people in the world who would give their right hand to be in your place. BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING THAT LIFE HAS OFFERED YOU, AND BE POSITIVE. Your Abbu and I are trying to make your life as easy and beautiful as possible. You need to give yourself a good shake and wear a smile that comes from within.