Friday, 29 June 2012

I am hopeful

My best friend got sick and tired of me always writing about something negative on my blog, so she handed me an assignment:


I am going to honor our friendship and squeeze something out.

Contrary to popular belief (or any belief, for that matter) I am not really that pessimistic. But something about the negativity, the damaged, the broken and the unhappiness attracts me. No wonder I find Loki amazing.

So, positivity. Onwards to it. Today's post is going to be about hope.

I hope... That someday, customers will wake up and realize that the people they know as 'sales associates' are actually human beings.

I hope they will realize that said 'sales associates' actually in most cases have a family, friends, and a life to go to.

I hope they will realize that just because we stand on the other side of the counter, we are not part of the cash register.

I re-emphasize on the fact that we are human, just as they are.

I am hopeful that one day they will realize that when we say 'the store closes at nine', we actually mean it. We are not joking about it. I know they may not notice it, but closing a store requires some time. So if they assume that they can just waltz in at 8:55 pm and start looking around in a leisurely pace, they are wrong.

I am hopeful that one day they will notice that it is impolite to come to a store at the last minute (8:58pm) to return 20 items that they had bought some time ago. Please give some thought as to what you buy. It will save valuable time, yours and ours.

I am hopeful that they will see the tiredness in our eyes when they waste the entire day and come to do shopping at 9:00 pm and expect us to be in a good mood. We will not be in a good and a hospitable mood at that time. Want to know why? Because it is closing time. And the extra time we spend after 9 pm looking after your needs, we don't get paid for it. Also, we have homes to return to. And no, despite whatever confused and imaginative ideas you have, our lives do not revolve around what you want. We have our own wants too, and part of it lies in the fact that we want to go home after the mall closes, not look after your last minute needs.

Maybe this will all fall on deaf ears, but hey... I am hopeful.

*Based on true events*


  1. err...that sounds more angry than hopeful :-s but the writing's really good nonetheless!

  2. "The negativity, the damaged, the broken and the unhappiness"- these really do have some kind of power to attract.

    Hope, you felt good by throwing those 'hope' words out of your mind :)