Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dream Big

I found this line retweeted by Tom Hiddleston (yes, I saw THOR and AVENGERS and now I'm a fan). It goes like this:

                    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers."  -Orison Swett Marden

This, and other lines and quotes like this one, gives me the hope that if I can dream it, it will become reality. Its inspirational quotes like these that keep my hopes up.

But is it true?

Does dreaming does make wishes come real?

I have a dream. Let's not discuss what that dream is about for the sake of not humiliating me. But I have a dream. And as more days pass by, it becomes, slowly but steadily, stronger.

I hope that one day my dream will turn real. That I will not just hope about it, I will actually live through it. The dream that I see with my eyes closed, and also often with eyes open, will become reality.

But then reality itself come crashing down on me, reminding me of my insignificant existence. It mocks me, taunts me, and sneers at my bravery of even attempting to dream something so big. Who am I to think about something so grand? What makes me so special that the thing I dare to dream of will come true? I should be living in a box, reality tells me, not outside it!

We are all taught as children to dream big. We are told that we can become whatever we wish to be. But as the days of our lives pass by, the definition of "whatever" keeps shrinking. Then as adults, we realize that our imagined size of "whatever" has become so small, that all those big dreams that we had as children does not fit in it anymore. So we shrug, brush off those dreams, and live out the remainder of our existence in a nutshell.

Of course, there are those who do actually managed to make their dreams come true. But what about the rest of us? And then I question myself, what is so vastly different between us and them, that they get to live their dream while our dreams shred to pieces bit by bit everyday while we carry on our secure, monotonous lives?

Alright, guilty as charged, maybe the green monster of jealousy sometimes does come out in me once in a while. But just think, they are human beings, we are human beings. What is so radically different among them and us?

One will say, "it takes passion, hard work and determination to make your dreams come true." And I completely agree. Of course it does.

It also takes a rather generous sprinkle of luck too.

Still, despite the odds, despite reality baring its cruel teeth at me, I refuse to give up. One day, I will manage to make my dream come true.

And when that day comes, I'll point my finger at reality and tell it, "Hate to break it to you buddy, but I told you so!"

So dream on! And dream big.


  1. interesting!! but the sad part is i already have forgotten what my dream was!! -____-

  2. It's true that not all dreams come true, but if you don't dream, nothing will come true. Right? So dream big, my girl.

  3. "Hate to break it to you buddy, but I told you so!" - one line that makes the whole post much more inspiring!

    By the way, "I have a dream"- you remind me of Martin Luthar king!!

    1. Ha ha! That line came to me as a sudden inspiration.
      Thanks for the comment :)