Thursday, 24 May 2012


It has been a week or more since I saw the Avengers. At the cost of being called a naive fangirl, I am still going to come out and say it: I am in a daze.

The movie moved me tremendously. I had watched Thor only days before, and I admit, the only reason at that point for me to watch the movie was Loki. The cunning, shrewd Norse god of mischief had won me over, and I was hungry to see more of him. Little did I know that I was about to be served a full three course meal!

I am a not necessarily a comic geek. I just have a healthy amount of love for the characters. Furthermore, I am more fond of the DC universe. So, going to the movie, I had zero expectation about how it would turn out.

Boy was I wrong...

As soon as the first scene started, I was hooked. It totally got my attention. The story unfolds beautifully, and all the characters play out their part in saving the world wonderfully. Iron Man and his witty sarcasms, Bruce Banner trying to remain stress free to keep the 'other guy' at bay (who eventually shows up and goes all Rawwwr), Black Widow and Hawkeye showing off their skills, Captain America, whose leadership skills helped the team becomere organized while trying to restrain all the aliens coming out of the portal, and Thor beating the hell out of the bad guys with his big, bad Mjolnir. All the actors who portrayed the heroes, as well as those who played the parts of different S.H.I.E.L.D agents, i.e. Nick Fury, Hill, Coulson, everyone fit into their respective parts perfectly. Not once did I feel that someone was ut of character. And Loki, don't even get me started on that guy! No seriously, don't. I don't think mere words can express my feelings on him. I mean, it took six incredibly talented and skilled people to bring down one guy. That itself should be an accomplishment worthy of Valhalla. I wonder who would win if Loki was pitted against the Joker?

I have not felt this elated after watching a movie since Pirates of the Caribbean. This was one fine movie. I am probably going to watch again, and maybe a third time as well. I think this movie is completely worth it.

The Avengers truly assembled for this one!


  1. I've heard good things about this movie, but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe over the weekend. :) Great review!

    1. Thank you :) I really enjoyed the movie. If you ever get to watch it, I hope you enjoy it.