Friday, 6 April 2012

Moving into a new place


It's been a long time since I wrote anything here, and bloggers are supposed to be regular with their writing! Shame on me. But in my defense, we, that is, me and my family just moved into a new house, and moving had been a pain! It's the only time you realize exactly how much stuff you have around you that you use in your daily life.
Just keeping track of the clothes was a chore for me. I was actually paying more attention to making sure that all the books, DVDs, games and the gaming consoles reach our new house safely. I mean, they are more important, right? (Not really. I understood that when I had to go to work and could not find a single pair of the trousers that I wear at work.)

The last week had been one of moving boxes, taking things out, cleaning the new house and putting things in their rightful places. It was tough, it was tiring (physically and mentally)... and deep inside, it was also fun!

Moving into a new place, be it a house, or a country, can be a little scary, as you have yet to discover the unknown. But it is also exciting, and it creates a new beginning. New changes, new outlook, everything is just fresh!

And as I sit here, in my own bedroom (I finally got one, as did my sister), I realize that we have spent exactly one week in our new house. It's been a hectic week, and there are many more things to do around the house, but I look into the future bravely and hope that everything works out nicely for us.

So here's me signing off for the moment, but I will be more regular with my writings from now on since the majority of the work has been done. Keep in touch! And keep checking back for more.



  1. hehe !! "I was actually paying more attention to making sure that all the books, DVDs, games and the gaming consoles reach our new house safely." - this is the best part that I love about you !! and yes !! It's really been a long time since you wrote here !! so, this is where I say, Welcome Back !! XD

    1. Thanks so much! It feels great to write again. :)

  2. Hello apu!
    Ashfi here. So I was just stumbling through some blogs and found yours!:D Surprised right?:P
    It must've been hard to shift again!:/

    Anyway bye Apu and tc!:D

    1. Hey Ashfi, sorry it took me so long to get back at you. Yeah that is surprising! How are you doing? Hopefully I'll see you here more often. Take care!

  3. Moving from one place to another can be a pain, but there are ways to make a household move easier. First is to make an inventory of all your things and decide which of them you will bring with you in your new home. This will lessen the bulk of carrying unnecessary stuff and will make it easier to unpack. If you still have plenty of stuff despite of downsizing, think of having a storage facility near your place. Storage units can help you get more space without selling your possessions and you can move your items at your convenience.

    1. Hello Ericka! Thanks for your lovely comment. What you said were really helpful. Thankfully we have moved and settled in our new house. But I'll be sure to keep your words in mind next we or anyone I know moves! :)


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