Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bruce Wayne vs. Terry McGinnis

Batman has always been my most favourite hero. He is unique, a normal human being amidst all the super-powered heroes. He has become a legend using only his detective skills and his extreme proficiency in martial arts, not to mention coming up with the coolest gadgets ever!
I must admit, I have never had the chance to read all the comics, nor watch all the animated series. The one series that I have more or less followed that had Bats in it is Justice League and its sequel, Justice League Unlimited. And I have been more and more impressed with him. And recently,
I saw this video clip of Batman on Youtube. It's a clip from one of the newer series: The Batman, where a younger version of the character is portrayed. The clip shows Batman telling joke to the infamous Joker. It goes like this:
Batman: 'Stop me if you've heard this one before, Joker. A man walks into a bar (kicks Joker towards the metal bar of a lamp-post)...'
Joker: 'Ow...'
Batman: 'And says, Ow.'
......Took me a while to figure out too!
(In case people are interested, the link of the video can be found here.)

All jokes aside, (no pun intended), I truly have a lot of respect for this hero. He always manages to capture my undivided attention, and never fails to create in me a wonderful sense of awe.

Being the alter ego of this hero is not an easy task, especially if the alter-ego is the richest man in the city. But Bruce Wayne lives up to the challenge. Portraying himself as a rich playboy, he takes on the personality of someone really flamboyant, so that the truth about Batman can never be linked to him. As Bruce Wayne, he completely changes his persona. But behind his carefree facade, he hides his deep pain of the loss of his parents, the true reason why he chose to become the Dark Knight.

But even Bruce Wayne cannot stop time. And who is to take up the mantle when he is no longer able to?

Enter Terry McGinnis. A sixteen year old boy, he is the eldest son of Warren and Mary McGinnis, and elder brother to Matt McGinnis. Even before he became Batman, Terry was shown to have some proficiency in street fighting. At the beginning, he shown to be a little rude towards his father, with whom he was living after the divorce of his parents. But when his father is murdered, he is remorseful, and blames himself for not being there when his father needed him the most. Following a series of incidents, he finds an elderly Bruce Wayne, and by a stroke of luck, discovers the Batcave, thereby deducing the secret identity of Bruce. In order to avenge his father's murder, he dons the Batsuit, and overnight, his life changes.

Now, the main part of my debate. Many people say that Terry as Batman can never rise up to the level of Bruce as Batman. They are right. Terry can't. But I believe Terry can create his own legend as Batman.

It must be noticed that while Bruce trained for years before finally becoming Batman, Terry had no such luck. He became Batman in one night, without any previous experience or any formal training. Apart from training under Bruce and keeping the city safe, Terry also has to juggle his school life, family life, grades, his social life and his relationship with his girlfriend Dana, things Bruce did not have to worry about during his reign as Batman. But despite all odds, in my eyes at least, Terry manages to shine, and truly becomes Batman. This is evidenced enough by the fact that Bruce himself came to Terry, offering him to take his place.


  1. nice !! ^_^ I never knew the story behind Batman Beyond. thanks for sharing !! =D and yes, i agree with you too about Terry making his own legend as Batman !